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Television and streaming in general

BYOD explained

We don’t offer a cable or satellite package when it comes to watching television (or listening to music).

We believe in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept – you know what you want to see and probably already have the subscriptions in place.

Therefore we offer a variety of connections when it comes to streaming (or gaming).

  • Use ChromeCast to stream from your device.
  • Bring your own DVD’s to watch movies from the X-box (or feel free to watch ours), or play some games.
  • Use bluetooth (or wifi) to stream music to the speaker.

In the sub category “Media and streaming” you will find details in using the above devices.

Remote controllers

Below you find explanation of the various remote controllers

Television Remote

Press (1) to turn on the television

Use the following source (2) in order to use the television for the various sources:

  1. X-Box
  2. ChromeCast
Television remote





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